Roberto Seidel settled in Corupá in 1902. He established a modest nursery in 1906, producing mainly ornamental and fruit trees, plus some orchids some years later. His father, Wenzel Seidel, had emigrated to the area from Germany and most of the nursery customers were also immigrants from that same country.

In 1945, the nursery had been split between the sons. Leopoldo, Alvim’s brother, who took charge of fruits and ornamental plants, while Alvim, to whom, at the tender age of 18, had been given charge of the orchids and bromeliads, expanded greatly the Orquidário Catarinense. Since 1991, the name of the firm has been changed to Alvim Seidel Orquidário Catarinense Ltd.

It is amazing to consider that Orquidário Catarinense has been 100 years in the ownership of the same family, and this is, without a doubt, a rare fact for any establishment. Alvim Seidel had an entire life dedication to plant collecting, more than 100,000 kilometers of travels to dangerous and distant parts of Brazil and more than 100 species of orchids and bromeliads that he personally discovered. In these efforts, many species were saved from destruction at a time when the old trees, on which they grew, were being cut down right and left.

Donato Seidel is an Agronomist, President Director of Orquidário Catarinense, son and successor of Alvim and Donato Seidel Junior, also graduate as Agronomist, are nowadays managing the company.

We hope to serve our customers still for long years, always with the wide tradition with which our firm is known, as supplier of best quality plants and seeds, all around the world.

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